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Muladhara Bloom Branding

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Welcome to my blog post of a very special project. Why it is such a special project for me? Well, my love and passion for designing started with this one and I would like to take you on the beginning of my journey.

A friend of mine had to close her bar during the Corona Pandemic and like so many of us, was faced with the question “Now what?”. She remained steadfast on her feet at all times, never letting the awful situation get her down, and continued to look for projects that would fulfill her.

And luckily, she found something! Corinna has opened her own business offering dried flowers as decoration.
Not only her delicate work and the high quality she offers her customers, but also the feeling of security and being understood she always conveys at any time makes he a special person.

So that’s how it came about that she told me about her new dreams at the beginning of her journey – and asked me for help.

I have always been very computer literate and have always managed to achieve exactly what I wanted.

She asked me for help regarding her logo and overall – she needed help.
So we sketched a bit together, we had a friendly chat and laughed together – until finally – after several weeks her company Muladhara Bloom came to life.

Corinna is a strong woman, she is independent, powerful, motivated – simply a bossbabe! And above all, she feels passion in everything she does.
So together we decided that a mix of hard “Muladhara” font and feminine “Bloom” lettering are just right to reflect her multi-talented personality.

Muladhara Bloom Logo
Thank you card

By Laura Jane

August 18, 2021

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By Laura Jane

August 18, 2021

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